Cambium-Plenum Translator

This translator provides automatic, bidirectional syntactic transformations 
between the Cambium intermediate process language and dynamical grammar models 
that can be simulated in Plenum.


The translations operate through Mathematica transformation rules.  
Within Mathematica, translation from Plenum to Cambium can be executed via

	cambiumVersion = plenumGrammar //. TranslateP2C
where "//." is Mathematica's ReplaceRepeated operator.  
Similarly, Cambium-to-Plenum translation is executed as 

	plenumGrammar = cambiumVersion //. TranslateC2P
Translation examples can be found in the download below.


The Mathematica notebook for the translator, along with several examples, 
can be found here.  For other Plenum grammar examples, see the Plenum
and Plenum Models pages.