Dynamical Grammars Publications

List of publications on the Dynamical Grammars framework. To download Plenum, the Dynamical Grammar simulator, click here.
  1. Guy Yosiphon. Stochastic Parameterized Grammars : Formalization, Inference and Modeling Applications , PhD Thesis, UC Irvine, 2009 . [PDF]
  2. Eric Mjolsness and Guy Yosiphon (2006, August) Stochastic Process Semantics for Dynamical Grammars. Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, 47(3-4), 329-395. [Springer link]
  3. Guy Yosiphon and Eric Mjolsness (2008) Towards the Inference of Stochastic Biochemical Network and Parameterized Grammar Models , N. Lawrence, et al., ed., Learning and Inference in Computational Systems Biology (tentative title with MIT Press), Accepted for publication. [PDF]
  4. Guy Yosiphon, Kimberly K.Gokoffski, Arthur D.Lander, Anne L.Calof and Eric Mjolsness, Dynamical Grammar Modeling of Growth and Lamination of the Olfactory Epithelium . In preparation, 2009.
  5. Mironova, V.and Likhoshvai, V.A.and Omelyanchuk, N.A and Fadeev, S.I.and Yosiphon, G.and Mjolsness, E.and Kolchanov, N.A., Acroptal Auxin Transport Mediates Patterning along the Root Longitudinal Axis . In preparation.