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Update: I grduated. My PhD thesis is available here.

My Resume.

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I worked in the Scientific Inference Systems Laboratory, with my Phd advisor, Prof. Eric Mjolsness. My research is about computational modeling and inference tools for scientific applications.

I focus on the study of a computational framework that combines stochastic processes and dynamical systems. We developed a simulation software, Plenum, for dynamical grammars. The dynamical grammar language includes stochastic 'jump' events and continuous dynamical systems (systems of differential equations). I am mostly interested in parameter inference/learning algorithms for these stochastic hybrid models.

We use Plenum to model the development of the olfactory epithelium tissue and its stem cell niche.

We worked on another biological application which is modeling and simulation of the root development in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Finally, we developed a dynamical grammar model for the formation of spiral galaxies. Based on this galaxy structure model, we have an inference algorithm to recognize galaxy features from images.